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Improve the user experience

React monitors the values of each component’s state with the Virtual DOM (Virtual Document Object Model). When a component’s state changes, React compares the existing DOM state with what the new DOM should look like. After that, it finds the least expensive way to update the DOM

Significant time savings

React offers reusable components. Therefore, it obviously helps your projects finish quickly

Easy to understand

Rendering code-packed components without following the program flow simplified working with React

Easy to write in JSX

React makes it very simple to write HTML elements into the page and is one of the features I’ve always wanted to have while writing components in pure JavaScript. React uses JSX, which is very similar to regular HTML.

Component-based structure

React follows Component-Based Architecture (CBA). CBA existed before React, but until React was released, the community was not aware of CBA’s superiority over MVC (ModelView Controller). The reusable components bring consistency to your application and make it easier for developers to develop and maintain their code base.

Strong community support

React is used by leading companies and startups such as Facebook, Dropbox, Khan Academy, CodeAcademy, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, Walmart, Tesla Motors and IMDb

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